Chariot has revolutionized how commuters get from home to work in the San Francisco Bay Area and Austin, Texas. Thousands of riders are now getting to work affordably and quickly, and reserving their seats in advance with Chariot’s iOS, Android or web apps.

If you’re ready to transform your own commute but don’t live near Chariot’s existing service areas, you can now bring Chariot to your neighborhood!

Chariot first expanded within San Francisco by customers choosing which neighborhoods would get Chariot service. Now, it’s become even easier to propose a new service area that Chariot should cover.

Using our new crowdfunding tool, people living in Chariot’s regions (currently, San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Austin, Texas, and New York City) can suggest a new commute Chariot should serve. Once you’ve published your proposal, we’ll need 49 supporters to promise to pay for a week of (discounted) rides and we’ll launch! The cost of a discounted week will depend on the distance of the proposal, but creators will get a free month of rides if their proposal launches. 

Creators only have 30 days to get 49 supporters to back a proposal, so after you launch your proposed Chariot service, be sure to get the message out to your friends, neighbors and coworkers. You can share the link to your proposal with them, or use the built-in share features to send it to them via Facebook, Nextdoor, email, Slack or Twitter.

A better commute for you — and your neighbors — is in your hands. Head over to the Chariot Routes page to launch your proposal, or browse current proposals.

Note: Proposed commutes are not guaranteed and subject to Chariot approval and compliance with applicable legal requirements, as well as Terms & Conditions.