We know, commuting can consistently be the worst part of your day. Commuters now lose a nationwide average of 1 week per year on their commute, and up to twice that in major cities. Here at Chariot, we pride ourselves on helping you take back that wasted time —  turning your weekday commute into a part of your day you actually look forward to (which is no small feat!)

We’ve rounded up 6 ways you can reinvent your daily commute:

1. Level up

So, you signed up for Udacity but didn’t stay disciplined with completing your nanodegree — don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Try using the speedy wifi in our Chariots to drill down on online classes during your morning commute. Check out Codecademy to gain some resume-boosting coding knowledge, Skillshare to explore a new side-hustle, or get your daily dose of TED Talks through your podcast app of choice.  

Happy Chariot Commuters

2. Zone out 

Take a seat, turn on Headspace and start your day with some meditation and mindfulness, which is proven to drive professional success. Commuting can be a hectic experience, but in our quiet, temp-controlled Chariots, you can start your day with a level of calm that’s impossible on traditional mass transit. If meditation isn’t your thing, get a centered start to your day with reflection, gratitude, or simply listening to music to start your day off with a bit of zen.

3. Plan ahead 

Plan out your day, plan out your week, plan out tonight’s dinner menu — use your commuting time to maximize your productivity! Your commute can be a useful extension of workday on Chariot instead of lost, unproductive hours of your life.  Take advantage of our free WiFi and outlets to get yourself charged up for the day ahead.

Interior Chariot Productivity

4. Check in

Batch your social media usage during your commute — go ahead and indulge! Tweet, check-in, scroll and swipe during your downtime so you can focus on the task at hand during the workday (just remember to tag us in any Chariot selfies with @ridechariot or #commutesolved!). You don’t always have to use our free WiFi for online tutorials, after all.

5. Look around 

We design efficient, direct routes to get to your destination more quickly and aid in your productivity, but try to unplug and take a second to check out your surroundings. New restaurant catch your eye during the AM commute? Book a Chariot PM trip to head back to that interesting new location with a coworker or two. Check out the PM operation times on your typical route to plan ahead!

Chariot Takes you Quickly Through Your City


6. Break Through

We design our service for commuters like you, and you’ll likely see the same fellow riders and Charioteers every week. Each Chariot route is a community in and of itself, with riders who live and work in similar neighborhoods!  Take the opportunity to network, start a friendship or a professional collaboration.  Find some common ground by breaking through the silence because you never know what kind of connection you might make.

Let us know how you’re reinventing your commute with Chariot in the comments below, or tag us on Twitter or Instagram, and with hashtag #commutesolved!


Happy Commuting,

Team Chariot