Introducing a new blog series, Under the Hood, where we’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at who makes Chariot run. We will highlight the driven members of Team Chariot who create our app, streamline our operations and delight our riders on a daily basis.

Andressa Chariot Employee Spotlight

Andressa Bougleaux joined Chariot’s product team in June of 2017 and has already made a huge impact on our organization.  As a mobile product designer, her day-to-day includes plenty of user research; creating flows, wireframes, Sketch mockups, interactive prototypes, and specs, and user testing to validate our product design decisions. Get to know Andressa better in our Q&A:

What brings you to Chariot? 

I’ve worked at startups designing a wide variety of apps—social, hospitality, non-profits and healthcare. I graduated from the Academy of Art University’s Web Design and New Media program, here in San Francisco. Urban development and transportation are topics that I’m very passionate about so deciding to work at Chariot was a no-brainer! I’m captivated by the challenges our industry presents and the solutions coming ahead.

What is your most favorite part of working on the product team? 

Collaboration. Our team is always in a good mood and is highly motivated to work on the problems we do. Our commitment and passion (for what we do and the company mission) generates great team collaboration. My favorite team memory was when I arrived in the office after having just been granted my American citizenship to find the sweetest congratulations card and American treats on my desk! I love how everyone is so friendly and accessible at Chariot, no matter what they do or what position they hold.

“I love how everyone is so friendly and accessible at Chariot, no matter what they do or what position they hold.”

What is something you love about Chariot’s mission and culture?

Inclusiveness, which is super important for what I do. I’m always taking this into consideration when designing for our users—be them our drivers or riders.

What would you tell to someone looking to join Team Chariot? What makes a fantastic coworker? 

Passion for what we do is what drives us. That’s a key trait of Chariot team members. There are a lot of interesting challenges to tackle at Chariot. There’s no boring day here. If you’re a self-motivated and hard-working person, you’ll do great at Chariot.


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