With average commuting times rising across the US, employers are looking for ways to relieve employees’ commuting woes. Some provide parking (not an option in many major cities), some provide quirky, employee-only options (lookin’ at you, Google), while others opt for private shuttle services (request a quote here; we’d be happy to help with that!). However, the easiest option for many employers is to provide Commuter Benefits — read on to learn more about what they are, and how you can use them.

What are Commuter Benefits?

Commuter benefits provided by many employers as a way to subsidize or substantially reduce the cost of commuting for their employees.  This voluntary program lets you set aside a pre-tax (or tax-free, if employer-subsidized) amount to be used for ferry rides, taxi trips, and, you guessed it, Chariot rides to and from work.

Outside of paying for fares, commuter benefits can be used for bike maintenance and repairs, and feeding meters. It’s pretty great if you think about it — we’re going to spend money commuting whether we like it or not, so these benefits are like the world’s greatest cash-back credit card.

How can I use my commuter benefits to buy Chariot rides?

Great question and we have even greater news: no matter what format your commuter benefits come to you in, you’ll be able to apply them towards commuting your way with Chariot.

How to pay with Commuter Checks:

 Commuter Checks Process - Commuter Benefits

How to pay with a Commuter Debit Card: 

Debit Card Commuter Benefits

How to pay with WageWorks:

WageWorks Commuter Benefits

An important thing to know is that commuter benefits, much like Health Savings account dollars, are a use-it-or-lose-it fund.  Check out our commuter benefits page and grab your discounted passes today!

Happy commuting (at a 40% discount!),

Team Chariot