In Volume 2 of our blog series, Under The Hood, where we give you a behind-the-scenes look at the amazing team members who make Chariot run, we’d like to introduce Enterprise Sales Lead Zach Bujnoch.  

Zach joined Chariot in March of 2017 to handle our Austin, Texas market — you’ll find him informing organizations on how Chariot can address various transit gaps and improve commuting options, contributing to various local groups addressing mobility issues, and asking people his favorite get-to-know-you question, “how many 3rd graders would it take to tackle you?”

Chariot Employee Spotlight Quote

What brings you to Chariot?

Upon graduation from the University of Texas, I knew I wanted to be in sales so I took my shot at the software world by joining a company named Informatica. Like many salespeople, my beginning was spent in the trenches “smiling and dialing” and grinding to create one more opportunity than my teammates. Aside from perfecting my skills on the phone, I learned a few intricacies behind data integration, storage and ETL processes. In a later position I had the unique opportunity to develop multicultural relationships with developers around the world and bring great ideas to anyone with internet access. My draw to Chariot stems from my passion for geography and love for technology. We’re a smarter transportation company that single-handedly improves cities day by day. I love being part of a movement, and cities are only getting more intelligent because of Chariot.

What do you enjoy most about working with Team Chariot?

My immediate Team at Chariot listens and takes action. Whether we’re planning a launch 2 months in advance, throwing a party for a colleague or deciphering where a new commuter route would yield the best ridership, my Team always acts with a helping hand. One memory that comes to mind…in 2017 we sponsored the SXSW music festival in Austin where we not only had shuttle service running all week, but various promotional tents, events with the media and colleagues of all positions scattered around the city spreading the good word. It was amazing to see a familiar Chariot face around every corner and everyone putting their best foot forward to educate the public. We definitely became a more unified team after that event.

What makes Team Chariot so awesome? What does it take to be successful here?

Being able to speak to our product and vision as a company will enable you to stand out in front of any audience. Chariot has become an awesome place to work for 2 main reasons. Chariot is an integral part of the Ford Blueprint for Mobility. This mission sets the tone for transportation where vehicles communicate with each other and the world around them. If now isn’t an exciting time to be in transportation, I don’t know a better opportunity. Secondly, the people of Chariot. You’ll make friends, mentors, coaches, colleagues that challenge you and much more as you make Chariot part of your life.

Last but not least, how many 3rd graders would it take to tackle you?

19. 😄

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