Chariot for Commuters and Enterprise

We’ve been busy at Chariot in London helping Londoners around Wandsworth, Battersea, Greenwich and Belvedere Village simplify their commute and launching our Enterprise service in the UK. Now, did you know that we offer a 3rd transport solution?

What are Charters?

A Charter is basically a Chariot that you can privately book, and comes with the driver!

Now, why would anyone want to book a Chariot just for themselves?

Well, Charters are not designed for your daily commute. They are aimed towards longer travel distances and for groups of friends, families or corporate teams.

Why use a Chariot Charter?

Let’s say you want to go to your favourite music festival. How would you plan to get there with your group of friends?

Getting there could get complicated – imagine if you have to take a taxi to the train station, then the train, then a bus, then a taxi… Or drive there with several cars.

You get the idea.

Or how about when there is a group of you going on a weekend trip to Brighton, with lots of suitcases and bags to carry?

With a Charter, you don’t have to drive there, you might also pay less collectively versus paying for 10 or 14 individual transport tickets, have a comfortable journey, and you get to choose when and where you want to be picked up and dropped off. No more rushing, or stressing about a complicated journey.

Charters can also be used by corporate accounts that need to take teams to a retreat or get to a trade show for instance. Wouldn’t it be great if you had more control of your journey, could get the whole team to travel together, and be able to carry with you all your stand materials in one go?

5 reasons why people love using Chariot Charters

  • Convenient and affordable
  • Easier to get to your final destination
  • You decide your pick up and drop off
  • Room for luggage
  • We do the driving

Our Charters are also popular for going to sports events and airport transfers.

Booking a chariot can all be done through the same Chariot app or on, simply fill in the form and we will send you a quote depending on your requirements.

What will you use a Charter for?