The Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting will be attracting thousands of spectators throughout the holiday season. The Christmas Tree is on display from November 28 through January 7, 2019. Streets will be closed at the police department’s discretion so in order to best serve our riders we’ve made minor changes to Midtown Getaround PM and East Side Express PM.
The following changes will be in effect Wednesday, November 28th, 2018 through January 7th, 2019:


Midtown Getaround (PM)
  • 6th Ave & 36th St moved to Madison & 36th St
  • 6th Ave & 42nd St moved to Madison & 42nd St
  • 6th Ave & 47th St moved to Madison & 47th St
  • 6th Ave & 52nd St REMOVED

Midtown Getaround - Update.png


East Side Express (PM)

  • 6th Ave & 39th St moved to Madison & 39th St
  • 6th Ave & 42nd St REMOVED

Eastside Express - Update.png